Windowfarming – research and inspiration

Since reading an article on windowfarming in the danish newspaper, I’ve been very intrigued by the concept of window farming. The idea is explained in the TED talk below, by Britta Riley of

The Polikken article featured Jakob Lange of and his aesthetically pleasing and slightly advanced windowfarm, as seen in the youtube video below:

The point of the project is that everyone should be able to construct a windowfarm, no matter of budget or skills. The video below, by Mayra Cimet, shows the most basic version and that it is possible to put it together in a matter of hours, using very few resources.

Another point of the project is that it is open-source and community based. Meaning that lots of people from all over the world build their own version, test them, share their experiences and advice, and all in all contribute to the hive-mind of windowfarming. The video below is another one that has greatly inspired me.

To be continued…

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